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The use of stained concrete in patios, pool decks, and basically as floor applications has steadily increased. More and more property owners and homeowners opted to use this method to make their plain concrete aesthetically appealing. Local concrete contractors like San Leandro Concrete and Masonry Contractor have used this method to modify and beautify lots of homes in the city and nearby areas. Our concrete technicians have found ways to enhance your plain concrete. They have employed different methods and techniques to achieve optimum results.

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Our Stained Concrete Service

Local concrete contractors have ways to make your concrete not only functional but also physically attractive. This allows owners to increase their properties’ value in cases that they are planning to sell their homes or rent their office or house. Plain concrete has a beauty of its own, but staining it and modifying it to look like an expensive material can make it more elegant and unique. Staining concrete can give your old concrete like those on your pool deck, patios, walkways a new lease in life, making it look like a new material type.

To stain your concrete, we use different techniques to give your concrete a unique look different from other concrete and, at the same time, a complete custom look. First is the acid wash. Using acids like hydrochloric and acid-soluble metallic salts, our concrete engineers can penetrate the surface of the concrete with a water solution. As the mixture penetrates the concrete, a chemical reaction will take place.

Another is the use of water-based and solvent-based dyes. This technique uses water-based and solvent dyes to deepen the hues of the stained concrete. Local concrete contractors often use solvent-based dyes who want a richer color like those found in commercial spaces. Water-based dyes, on the other hand, produce a lighter hue that is both elegant and classy.  

With these, our crew can turn your plain concrete to any of the following; layered look, leather-look, faux finish, and custom look. The options are endless.

You may be tempted to do this on your own. Just a warning, staining concrete can take time, patience, and artistic skills as well. Staining concrete using acids is also very dangerous due to the hazardous vapors it produces and the risk of being burned. We highly recommend that you hire a trusted concrete specialist or very skilled masons to do this project. Our concrete specialists know exactly what to do to achieve the consistency and the look that you will want on concrete on your patio, pool deck, walkways, and driveways. It is best to leave this project to the professionals.

Can Our Concrete Crew Still Stain a Cured Concrete?

Yes, we can. Our concrete engineers can still stain a cured concrete for as long as it is clean. Clean meaning, no glue, oil, sealers, paint, or wax are present. These contaminants can make it rather difficult for our crew to allow the dyes or acids to penetrate deeply into the concrete’s pores to produce the result that you want to have. Moreover, the stain may not last longer if, say, oil, wax, or grease is present during the staining process. Please send us a message right now and ask our crew for any questions regarding this process. We will get back to you shortly.

Benefits of Staining Concrete

Modifying your concrete like staining can help your concrete not only aesthetically but also improve its durability. Staining can reportedly help prevent fire. The solutions are said to make your concrete even more fire retardant. Heat insulation increases, taking a lot of load off your HVAC. As the solutions change your concrete’s exterior, it makes your concrete easier to clean and maintain. Stain sealant will also make your concrete less porous, making it less susceptible to moisture, causing mold, algae, and dirt to accumulate.

Staining concrete can also be a good alternative to wooden tiles, carpets, or expensive construction materials. Moreover, it is relatively cheaper and easier to stain your concrete artistically rather than changing your concrete entirely with expensive materials like flagstone, marble, and more. Our staining concrete experts can use the techniques mentioned above to come up with elegant looking floors or mimic those expensive floors usually found in five-star hotels or houses of the rich and famous.

The cost of staining concrete would depend on the technique used, the complexity and style, the size of the project, and your location. But to give you a ballpark figure, basic and easy staining project, your local concrete contractors may charge you around $2 to $4 per square foot, while a more complicated one can cost you $12 to $25 per square foot. Call any of our concrete crew and masons to give you an idea of how much your proposed staining concrete project would cost.

Moreover, we guarantee that all materials that we use are high quality and high grade, all coming from reputable suppliers. It is our mantra that we give more priority to quality rather than profit. Our long list of satisfied clients clearly shows that we have been the most preferred local concrete and masonry contractor in San Leandro and California. We have provided them with excellent services at very reasonable prices. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

By the way, occasional sealant applications are still recommended to make your stain stay longer, thwart water, and prevent any crack from occurring due to water seepage. Ask your local contractor about the right sealant for your floor.

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