San Leandro Concrete Slab

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Many modern buildings usually have a concrete slab. The thicker slabs are often used to construct floors and ceilings. The leaner slabs are commonly used to make exterior paving. In domestic and industrial applications, thick concrete slabs are used to make the ground flooring. However, when it corms to high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, the slabs are hung or suspended between the steel frame from the floors and ceilings on every level.

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Applications of Concrete Slabs

There are several areas where concrete slabs can be used. These include:

Home Renovations

Concrete slabs can be used in home renovations, even where they weren’t used in the initial construction. When using timber flooring, timber should be replaced with concrete slabs as they increase the thermal mass and provide obstructive noise below the foot. During home renovations, concrete slabs can be suspended on the subfloor or original footings. Where the old floor is close to the surface on the ground, these can be installed as infill slabs.

Pool Deck

It is also a good idea to use a concrete slab in the construction of pool decks. This is because it is easier to maintain a concrete pool deck as compared to one made of other materials. Concrete is also one of the most environmental-friendly materials since it is made of limestone. The slab can be textured or painted to meet your pool deck needs.

Application According to Size

Different concrete slabs can be used according to their sizes. These include:

  • Leaner slabs: The leaner or pre-fabricated slabs can be used to create a patio
  • Medium-sized slabs: These can offer a wide range of possibilities. You can have them made on the site, or you can buy them when pre-fabricated. These can be a good choice for creating false floorings
  • Large-sized slabs: The concrete slabs that come in large dimensions are useful in completing big projects. When working with large sizes of slabs, the only thing you should do is to ensure that they are in the right condition. These can also be used to make a garage or a house for your pet.

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