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Masonry contractors deal with all kinds of masonry related works in a construction project. That’s why they are one of the most in-demand professionals in the market. Masonry work can appear to be quite simple from the outside, but let us tell you this, the reality is often quite different. Masonry contractors have to work with all kinds of materials, and depending on the scale of projects, nature of the structures, and location, it may vary a lot. Masonry work requires a collection of diverse processes, skills, and innovation. That’s why we are going to discuss more masonry works in detail.

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What Are The Types Of Masonry Works?

Masonry projects differ a lot from one another. Each of them requires a specific skill set and specific factors to look at. But depending on the materials used, we can divide them into three general groups – brick masonry, stone masonry, and concrete masonry. 

Brick Masonry

Brick masonry is all about working with bricks. It sounds easier than it actually is. Bricks need to be handled with proper care. Getting the mortar ready is a very important aspect of bricklaying. The mortar is the paste that holds everything together in a brick structure. With different projects, the brick structure and mortar vary too. Not only this, but brick masonry also involves a lot of measurements and analysis of the ongoing structure. Bricks are generally great against fire, and that’s why they are the top choice when it comes to fireplaces and chimneys. They are durable, incredibly long-lasting, and beautiful to look at. Brick masonry includes projects like brick pavers, brick walls, brick patios, walkways, brick fireplaces, and chimneys.

Stone Masonry

Stone is another great option for almost all kinds of projects. Natural stones come with varying shapes, sizes, and textures. On top of that, they all have unique colors and patterns. But stones can develop cracks if they are not handled appropriately. That’s why mastering the art of stone masonry is very important since stones are quite tricky to work with. Stone masonry includes a lot of flexibility since stone projects require a lot of customization and innovation. Stone pavers, stone walkways, driveways, stone patios, and designing walls are some of the services that fall under stone masonry. Even working with faux products like stone veneer also requires the knowledge of stone masonry.

Concrete Masonry

We all know concrete is one of the most convenient materials that can be used in the construction industry. Thanks to the amazing range of customization, designs, and colors concrete can provide, having proper knowledge of concrete is a must. Concrete is usually used in fundamental structures since they are extremely strong and durable. Concrete masonry includes services like concrete pouring, concrete leveling, concrete foundation, stamped concrete, concrete resurfacing, retaining walls, concrete patios, pool decks, concrete pavers, walkways, and concrete driveways.

Masonry Contractor: Why Hiring Professionals Is The Only Option

As you might have realized so far, masonry work revolves around a lot of processes and external factors. Good masonry contractors always work with utmost precision from keeping in mind the materials used to the location and the scale of the projects. Masonry works usually provide the fundamental structures in a project, so addressing each and every small detail is extremely important. And that’s why only professionals can provide you the required expertise and guidance. We at San Leandro Concrete and Masonry always offer professionals who have the knowledge and experience working in this field.

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