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Cracks in concrete foundations can occur for several reasons. A common mistake that homeowners make is to focus on the visible damage. When it comes to repairing foundations and cracks, you need to look beyond the already visible damage and instead follow several steps in sealing and reinforcing the cracks so that future failures don’t occur.

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Here are the steps involved in the repair of a concrete crack.

Diagnosing the Crack

The goal of a diagnosis is to understand the causes of failure. Many homeowners use epoxy injections or polyurethane to address foundation cracks. Epoxy injections or polyurethane aren’t a permanent solution for cracks, and these will tend to fail with time. The majority of concrete contractors focus on filing the cracks and preventing leakages. They forget to address the cause of the crack in the first place.

However, a good repair method should address the weak spot, outside the main crack. It can be hard to see this with the naked eye. With proper analysis, it is possible to see small hairline fractures spiraling off from the major crack. This is usually the weak spot, as it can be hard to inject these small cracks.

To properly address the problem once and for all, the concrete contractor should focus not only on filling the crack but the structural reinforcement of the repair to avoid future failures.

Questions to Ask the Homeowner

There are several questions that the concrete contractor should ask the homeowner to help him or her to help understand the problem. These include:

  • For how long has the crack been there?
  • Does the crack keep closing up and reopening in different seasons?
  • Is there a particular time of the year when the crack reappears?
  • Is there any exterior excavation that was done that may have disrupted the foundation?
  • Are there any modifications that may have impacted the stress load of the structure?

With the proper understanding of these issues, the concrete contractor can use the right solutions and tools to bond concrete back and reinforce the concrete to ensure that the crack doesn’t reopen and begin leaking again.

Repair with a Carbon Fiber

A common mistake that some concrete contractors make it to use hydraulic cement to repair concrete. Alternatively, they apply epoxy to the area. However, concrete contractors need to use materials that are stronger than concrete. Carbon fiber is gaining ground in concrete repair due to is strength. This is one of the most versatile materials for concrete repair. It offers a permanent solution and therefore is a real value for money.

However, it is important to note that not all concrete cracks can be solved using the same solution. To determine the best solution for your concrete foundation repair, speak to a qualified concrete contractor. One such name we would recommend is SL Concrete and Masonry.

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