Brick Masonry

The Best Brick Masonry Contractors in San Leandro, California

One of the areas where brick masonry is put to good use is in the construction of fireplaces. Whether you need the warmth of a fireplace to make a decorative statement, a brick fireplace is a key addition to the home. It can add to the overall value of your home. You can choose from a wide range of fireplaces such as an electric fireplace, gas, and wood-burning fireplaces. If you choose the wood-burning fireplaces, you will need to choose between stone and brick masonry. Let us look at the two material options.

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The best time for the installation of a fireplace is during construction. This can be done as a new addition to the home. Bricks have a consistent size and shape, making it easier to calculate the number of materials you need for the fireplace. Bricks are also geometrically uniform, and therefore, the installation is easier than the random shape and size of natural stone. The brick masonry can be installed by a single person, causing huge savings in labor costs. Stone has a weightier mass and therefore requires at least two people to install.

Stones have a unique quality that makes the whole installation process labor-intensive. Stones are available in different sizes and shapes. These will then need to be chipped and cut to match the surrounding stones. Again, only someone who has enough experience in the installation can predict the weight necessary for the fireplace. Therefore, it is more expensive to install a fireplace made of stones than bricks.


The price of bricks varies depending on the type and region. However, they are still far inexpensive as compared to stones. A key reason why bricks are more expensive than stones is that they are usually sold as per the weight. Their shipping cost is also higher. 


Both stones are bricks strong and long-lasting. Therefore, the key consideration when choosing between stone and brick is on the design. Bricks offer a sense of warmth and strength to a room. Stone can, on the other hand, add a natural look to the atmosphere of the room. Bricks come in a wide range of textures and colors. This makes it possible for the designer to match any style of the room, whether he needs a traditional or a contemporary look.


A sealant can be added to a stone fireplace after construction to prevent the finish from getting marred by soot. To clean a stone fireplace, you will only need warm water and a piece of cloth. On the other hand, brick can be porous, and therefore, sealing is impossible. A brick fireplace can be susceptible to stains and need regular maintenance.

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