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The development of San Leandro has been at full throttle for a number of years. Tech schools, public art, and retail centers are but a few of the works taking place. The city also attracts new homeowners for its affordable housing and—yes indeed—features that come with many of those homes. Some of those features include pool decks and patios, which are only two of the myriad amenities we service. For those of you looking for additions to your home, contacting SL Concrete and Masonry is also a fantastic idea. We’re here to help with all of your concrete, stone, or brickwork needs.

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The city of San Leandro is diverse with architectural styles. Its miles of shoreline offers up plenty of opportunity for incredible features such as scenic view decks and natural stone pathway design. We build features to suit any kind of landscape as well as the buildings that go with them. Have a Spanish Colonial home that could use an awesome driveway fitting of its design? One call to us gets you going on it today. How about a ranch style home in need of decorative concrete flooring? Not a problem. We’ll do this same kind of stuff for your business as well. Put us to work on developing curb appeal and inspiring atmosphere for your property guests will be talking about days after they’ve gone. 

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Not that they’ll wish to leave. Oh no, not when they’ve seen the magic we can pull off. SL Concrete and Masonry takes great pleasure in serving the community, part of which means giving clients precise craftsmanship that not only lasts but is beautiful in the bargain. The three main materials we work with are concrete, brick, and natural stone, and we provide amazing results for them all. Indeed, a large number of our clients make contact simply because they took notice of our work at another building. Excellent quality speaks volumes and sometimes word of mouth is all it takes to spread the news.

Beauty and durability are great, but let us also point out the functionality we never fail to bring to the table. Tiered retaining walls do a great job of leveling off a steep landscape to reduce water flow and erosion. A broom finished or salt finished pool deck increases traction for bare, wet feet. Granite countertops are scratch-resistant. You get the idea. The projects we work on in turn go to work for you.

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Our reputation for assisting clients who have excellent ideas but aren’t quite sure how to develop them is also second to none. The team we employ makes helpful suggestions, when called upon, which can both smooth over the process and fully formulate a customer’s vision. We’ve been in the business for a long time, which means the experience is here to overcome any problem.

Contacting SL Concrete and Masonry is always the smart choice for all construction in concrete, brick, or natural stone. Let us help you with your dreams by calling (510) 851-8260 today.