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San Leandro concrete contractor can transform the look of your pool deck. But is concrete the right material for your deck? Is you are wondering about this, here are the pros and cons of a concrete pool deck.

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Pros of Concrete Pool Decks


Concrete decks have a lower cost as compared to other kinds of materials such as pavers. You may end up paying 50% less when you choose concrete as your pool deck material.

Wide Range of Styles

A common misconception that homeowners have is that concrete is usually very boring. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to that old looking gray color. You can choose between stamped concrete, broomed concrete, and textured concrete. To create a broom finish, a broom is dragged across the freshly poured concrete. This can provide your pool deck with a nice texture and design.

Stamped concrete makes use of coloring, stamps, and release against to imprint various designs on the concrete. This might give the surface the look of brick or stone, depending on your choice of pattern. With a textured concrete, a deck is imprinted with texture without a sealant or color to give it extra grip or character.

Ability to Mimic Expensive Materials

You can design concrete to look like your preferred material. If you would like your pool deck to have a wooden appearance, but you don’t want to spend more on wood, you can use stamped concrete to achieve that look at a small percentage of the cost. This will also save you some of the challenges that come with wood, such as rotting. With stamped concrete, you can have your patio look like natural stone, pavers, brick, cobblestone, travertine, or any other material.


You should choose concrete for your pool deck because you will have a pool deck that will last for a long time without the need for regular repair. This is because concrete is a very durable material, particularly for decks and patios. You will, therefore, not need to worry about the hassles of maintaining your deck.

Cons of Concrete Pool Decks

There are a few cons you need to consider if you are considering installing a concrete pool deck.

Difficult to Match Colors

If you are trying to achieve colored concrete or a stamped concrete design, you need to realize that it is not always easy to match concrete. If you only want to do part of the pool deck with plans to complete the other part later, you will want to think of a way of hiding the subtle color change. One way of dealing with this is by using different stamped concrete colors, patterns, or even patio materials.


You don’t have to worry about the textured or boomed concrete. But if you need stamped concrete, you should bear in mind that it can be slippery. Stamped concrete comes in a wide range of colors to help it achieve the appearance of other types of decking materials. To preserve that appearance, acrylic or silicone sealant is used. 

The seal can make the pool deck a bit slippery, and this isn’t always a good thing when installed near the pool. Unsealed concrete is a good choice for people who love the stamped concrete style but are afraid of children or guests slipping on a patio.

Concrete Cracks are Inevitable

There is little that can be done to prevent concrete cracks from developing in your pool deck. This is another drawback of a concrete pool deck. If you are wondering which is the right material for your pool deck, you need to speak to a qualified concrete contractor. One of the names you should speak to is SL Concrete and Masonry.

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