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Whenever you walk past sports stadiums, commercial properties, or a community park covered with lush green grass, you think of having the same turf for your outdoor landscape. But if you are worried about the maintenance and upkeep of such lush green stretch, don’t worry. The lush green patches you are witnessing might not be natural as there is a trend of using artificial turf for residential and commercial landscaping. Faux grass is a landscaping material and is extremely convenient to maintain. 

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What is Faux Grass?

Artificial means something which is not natural, and faux grass is also an artificial material that creates the magic and feel of real grass. As it is developed consciously, researchers have made sure that it is filled with natural grass properties but ask for little maintenance. People tend to flock towards things that are alternatives to reals with better characteristics. Synthetic grass is loaded with benefits that attract a large number of people to incorporate the same for commercial and residential landscaping. 

What is Faux Grass Made of?

It is made of humanmade fibers that give the feel of real grass. You can understand it as a kind of carpet made of grass for the covering of indoor and outdoor space. The base of artificial turf is solid, and the blades are machine stitched on it. Faux grass can also imitate the look of dead grass as some are weaved into brown thatch. Whichever grass you like, you can have an artificial turf installed for the same. 

From the sports stadium in 1966, it has traveled on to the path of developments and has emerged as the preferred commercial and residential landscaping. 

Astroturf, as it commonly used in sports terminology, is popular for the stadium, sports complex, school playgrounds applications, etc.  

Why Consider Synthetic Grass?

There are many benefits of adopting fake grass for landscaping. It gives consumers a medium to save time and money. With the use of artificial turf, you also contribute towards water conservation as it does not require watering. You can save a lot on monthly water bills after using artificial turf. It is a very good option in areas which are hit by drought. Without the need for irrigation, you can stay in lush green turfs. 

Minimal Maintenance

Artificial grass can stay in your lawns for longer without the need of many hassles. Once you get the turf installation done by professionals, it will remain green forever. Faux grass is something that can imitate the landscape look of green grass without the care. Who would not love the greenery around them, which does not require any care?

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