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Some older versions of stamped concrete consisted of poured concrete surfaces that came with repeating patterns. However, in the recent past, there have been changes in the look of stamped concrete, and it now takes the appearance of different surfaces such as pavers, bricks, cobblestones, wood, and seashells. On top of the wide range of surfaces, stamped concrete comes in various colors. This means it’s now possible to have a green, red, or blue concrete driveway if you need it. 

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Here are some questions on the stamped driveway answered.

Why Should You Simulate a Surface When You Can Go for the Original?

A stamped driveway is made of a solid and continuous surface with a thickness of at least 4 inches, and therefore, no grass of weed can grow between the cracks within the pieces. When a driveway is made of small pieces like interlocking bricks or paving stones, it can heave as a result of the freezing and thawing cycle resulting in an uneven surface. Such a surface can be hard to remove snow and can trip a person walking across the driveway.

What’s the Process of Installing a Concrete Driveway?

Before you start the process of installing a stamped concrete driveway, you will need to ensure that you have a solid surface made of a sand and gravel base. The driveway should then be framed before the concrete pad is poured. This should be poured with a minimum thickness of 4 inches. 

Before it is leveled, the release agent should be poured to make it possible for a texturizing mat to be put on the surface. The texturizing mats should be laid on the surface while following one another, beginning at the top and working towards the driver’s base. The concrete should then be allowed to dry for around 24 hours before the residue release agent is washed off.

Does a Stamped Driveway Require Any Special Maintenance?

A stamped driveway should be maintained in the same way as a driveway made of regular concrete. The maintenance regimen involves cleaning and wiping up off drips and spills when they happen. The driveway should also be sealed after every 2 to 3 years.

How Much Does a Stamped Driveway Cost?

The cost of a stamped driveway varies a lot depending on the location and the concrete contractor. However, on average, a concrete driveway costs 25-30% more as compared to the poured concrete. To get the exact cost of your San Leandro stamped driveway, you can contact San Leandro Concrete. You can reach us on  (510) 851-8260.