San Leandro Stamped Patio

Top Rated Stamped Patio in San Leandro, California

If you are considering a stamped patio, one of the questions that may linger in your mind is on the durability of the stamped concrete. First, you will need to realize that stamped concrete is installed in the same way as the regular concrete surface. After the hardening process is completed, a design or pattern is stamped on the surface. In most cases, color is also added to provide a wide range of designs.

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Why a Stamped Patio

When people see a stamped patio, the first thing they notice is its ability to complement the exterior of the home. It is a great choice for providing your home with a complete look. With a good concrete contractor, the installation of stamped concrete can be hassle-free. It is also easy to maintain and clean stamped concrete.

After the completion of the installation process, the look doesn’t fade. However, like any other part of the home, it requires care. You shouldn’t store heavy loads on it for a long period. The stamped concrete patio should be treated with care. Since it is made of poured concrete, there are no joints where weed can grow like it is the case with stone bricks. Therefore, there is no need for regular maintenance.

The Durability of Stamped Patio

Stamped concrete is also one of the most durable and long-lasting paving materials out there. It also serves to add to the aesthetic value of the home. Due to its ability to mimic stone and brick, you can achieve great results at a fraction of the cost. When it is well installed, it is resistant to cracking. On average, a stamped concrete patio can last for 25 years.

Sealers can be used to increase the lifespan of the stamped concrete. When the traditional reinforcement is added, it can last as long as the traditional concrete pours. When stamped concrete starts fading and appearing chalky, it should be resealed. This can help to restore it to its original color and luster. The fresh sealant should be applied every 3 to 4 years.

To understand the best way of making your stamped patio in San Leandro durable, you will need to consult a concrete contractor. One of the names you should consider San Leandro Concrete. We provide quality work at competitive prices. 

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