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When it comes to interior home design, one of the hottest trends today is the use of stone veneers. This is because the material offers a beautiful and stylish design element that can add interest and texture to your design plan and at a cheaper cost. Decorative stones can be added to the fireplace façade, interior walls, and other areas. Some of the decorative stone veneers are made into stone panels, ensuring a simpler and faster installation.

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On the other hand, some individual pieces are installed each at a time with an outcome of ninety degrees.

On top of their outstanding beauty, stone veneers are also very cost-efficient. Therefore, you can enjoy a look similar to that of natural stones without spending such a high amount. The material is also versatile for use in both the interior and exterior of your home. They are a great choice for use in cladding concrete stairs and fireplaces and accenting the walls around the home. Stone veneers are also easy to install and lightweight. With the right choice of material, you can exponentially increase the value of your home. Due to their elegant style and design, many homeowners are now choosing to install San Leandro stone veneers.

Wide Range of Stone Veneer Uses

Stone veneers, just like pool deck, offer unlimited possibilities. Whether you need a wall made of stacked stone that has a similar look to bricks or you want to add a variety of colors and textures to your home, you can count on this material to achieve this. Whether you want to use this stone, whether the living room, kitchen or bedroom, it will look exceptionally beautiful. You can add to your creativity by installing the stone in a part of the home where you need some more dimension, depth, and texture. This way, you can provide your home with a warm and inviting look. Call (510) 851-8260 for free quotes!

Kitchen Areas

You can have unlimited possibilities with stone veneers in your kitchen. For instance, you can install a stone veneer backsplash around the kitchen area to contrast with the smoothness of your cabinet and countertops. This can add to the uniqueness and visual depth of your space.

Future Wall

If you would like to have a great future wall, you can use stone veneers to exude that natural looks. This can help to add to a classy touch to your room. Add a neutral color palette to blend with your current artwork, paint, colors, and future.

Dining Room

To add to the visual appeal of your dining room, you can add stone veneers. A good idea would be to go with lightweight stacked stones that have warm colors and will enable you to create a cozy dining atmosphere. This can provide your dining room with that cozy look.


This is one area where stone veneers will have an immediate impact. But before you install, make sure that your firestone can handle stone, and each part is in great working condition.

You will need to speak to a concrete contractor to understand how you can use stone veneers to add to the value of your home. If you are searching for one, contact San Leandro Concrete and Masonry on (510) 851-8260 for free estimates.