San Leandro Concrete Countertops 

Excellent Concrete Countertops in San Leandro, California

If you are looking for a stylish and durable countertop for your patio or kitchen, you will need to think of concrete countertops. This is because concrete is a beautiful and tested construction material. Unfortunately, many homeowners think that it can only be used as concrete foundations, patios, and concrete wall construction. What they don’t know is that it can be used to create beautiful countertops.

Because a concrete mix is moldable and comes in a wide range of colors, it can also be very beautiful. By choosing concrete countertops, you can take advantage of its versatility, affordability, and durability. You can have your concrete countertops installed in bathrooms, kitchen, and even outdoor countertops.

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Use the Right Concrete Mix.

Before you go out to buy the materials for your concrete countertops, you should understand that you will need a different concrete from the one used in all areas. You will need to choose a high-strength mix that has been formulated specially to create a smooth surface that can be easily polished without the risk of cracking

When creating a concrete countertop, one of the key considerations is strength. This is because the slabs are relatively big (around 2 inches) and will be regularly used in the bathroom or kitchen. By choosing a mix with a higher PSI, you will easily avoid cracks and limit the need for repair.

Dealing with Stains in Concrete Countertops

After some time, the concrete coloring change. But to protect concrete countertops from fading, special additives are used during manufacturing. To help reduce staining, it is advisable to wipe out spills when they occur.

Seams in Concrete Countertops

In most cases, precast countertops usually come with seams depending on the size of the pieces. A seam refers to a kind of look on the countertop that adds to the beauty. The pour-on site countertops don’t come with seams. However, special steps are necessary for on-site pours.

Placing Hot Items on Concrete Countertops

While concrete is resistant to heat, placing hot utensils on it isn’t advisable. This is because the extreme temperature can damage the protective sealer. Cutting boards and molded trivets can be added to the design to enable it to handle hot pans.

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