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Most homeowners have a habit of taking good care of the interior of their homes. However, they ignore the exterior until it has fallen into a state of disrepair. When they want to do their repair, they end up spending thousands of dollars restoring the lost shine. You don’t have to wait for that long before you can take care of your property.

With the sidewalk being one of the most ignored hardscape areas of the home, you need to check out for signs of weathering and have them repaired early enough.

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What San Leandro Stone Masonry Can Fix

Here are the most common problems you should look out for on your sidewalk.

Cracked Surfaces

If there is a hardscape that is exposed to different weather elements, then it’s the sidewalk. While the tiny and invisible cracks shouldn’t cause a lot of worries, the large and visible cracks should be a source of concern. This is because the cracks will keep growing in; they are left unchecked. They will cause the sidewalk to rot from below the surface. This is why such cracks should be immediately attended to.

Broken Edges

The edges of sidewalks will often cave in as a result of excess pressure or load, making them crumble away, particularly when installed in high traffic areas. The broken edges can cause blockage of underground drainage when they aren’t prepared fast and can result in a tripping hazard for pedestrians as well as parking issues for cars. The asphalt or concrete in the affected area should be removed and replaced with new edges.

Depressed or Raised Surface

If sidewalks have a tiled layout, they will often have this problem. Those few tiles will get out of place as a result of the continuous load application or due to the soil below the sidewalk. This is undesirable as you can easily trip on the raised edge. The moment you see this problem, you will need to contact a stone masonry contractor and have the piece repaired.

Fading Colors

When an asphalt sidewalk is freshly built, it will often have a slick dark black color. This color will fade away with time becoming gray or light gray due to exposure to snow and sunlight. Even though this may appear like a minor issue, the sidewalk’s black surface can protect the layer below from the harsh weather elements. When the color is faded, the inner layers are susceptible to damage and may easily crack. This means that when the sidewalks fade, they should be replaced with a fresh layer to preserve their strength.


If an area has poor drainage, there will be an accumulation of moisture below the sidewalk. If the sidewalk’s surface is slightly wet or water has accumulated on the edges, the accumulated moisture will weaken the sidewalk. While water on the sidewalk’s surface isn’t a big issue, the same can be a challenge if it is below the surface and should be fixed immediately.

When you notice one or more of these issues, it is time to contact a San Leandro stone masonry contractor to fix the problem. One of the names you should consider is SL Masonry.

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