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A common mistake that homeowners make is to pay special attention to the soft capping around the home while ignoring hardscaping. This is even though hardscaping can help to offer focus and balance to your garden. This can add to the aesthetic value of your property.

If your garden has no hardscape, it will be evident that something is missing. Imagine a landscape with no arbors, rocks, walls, gazebos, brick, or wood. Some of the common hardscaping elements include decks, patios, paths, pool decks, walls, fences, stones, and driveways. Here are some materials that your hardscape contractors can use to transform your landscape.

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This is, without doubt, the most affordable material for hardscaping. A broom finished concrete slab is one of the basic and most affordable concrete materials. You can ask the concrete contractor to color using a liquid pigment or by simply staining the finished slab. One of the most beautiful but costly concrete types is stamped concrete. 


This hardscape material is commonly used for a stone patio. Depending on your area of residence, the stone to be used can vary. When a good quality flagstone with the right thickness is used, you can end up with a long-lasting and beautiful product. You can have thicker pieces dry laid, meaning that they are set on a bed of stone dust or sand rather than mortaring them in place. Another option is wet lay the flagstone. This involves bonding them to the concrete slab using a mortar and grouting the joints. Your choice will depend on the aesthetics, budget, and condition of the site.

Travertine Pavers

You can create a marble look in your hardscape by using travertine pavers. These are pieces that have a rectangular look with a thickness of one inch. These materials have enough compressive strength to enable it to be used for driveways. It is also available in colors such as white, cream, silver, gold, and yellow-range. These pavers can be wet-laid or dry-laid.

Concrete Pavers

A concrete contractor can create concrete pavers that look like other materials such as brick, cobblestones, and irregular flagstone pieces. One of the benefits of concrete pavers is that they are very easy to maintain and repair.

Before choosing the right material for your hardscaping project, you will need to consider various factors such as budget, individual property, and the right choice for your region. You can ask a San Leandro hardscape contractor to take you through the process of choosing the right material. If you need a reliable hardscape contractor, contact SL Concrete on 510-851-8260 for free estimates.