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There was a time when decorative concrete was only available in a few types of finishes. These were the colored concrete, stamped patterns, and acid-etch stains. Nowadays, there are unlimited numbers of finishes that can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces. These include stamped, integral, textured, acid etch, colored, micro toppings, and many more.

The kind of design you can get from a colored concrete can only be limited by the creativity of the concrete contractor and the designers. However, the biggest problem is that concrete can be affected by a wide range of variables that can affect the outcome. To overcome these variables and make your decorative concrete project a success, here are a few considerations that concrete contractors should make.

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Schedule the Work in a Way that Prevents Undue Damage

Decorative concrete can be damaged by other projects such as tile installation. If there are plumbers on the site, they can spill cutting oil or plastic pipe glue on the surface. Carpenters, on the other hand, can place timbers on the surface. Other trade workers can walk on the surface. It is advisable to put off all other works until the project is completed to minimize the chances of damaging your decorative concrete work.

Protect the Finished Work

There is a common notion that concrete tends to get stronger as it hardens. However, the truth of the matter is that the chemistry of concrete continues to change with age, and if water spills on the surface, it can cause chemical and physical changes. This is why you need a plan on protecting the concrete. One of the options is to use a covering material that prevents moisture vapor from falling on the surface and from also preventing products that can stain to get on the surface. 

Have a Maintenance Plan

The concrete contractor should discuss with the client on a good maintenance plan. Decorative concrete can be sealed in several ways to provide a unique look. If the client requires a glossy and wet look, an acrylic or urethane finish is a great choice. If the owner requires a design that has a natural look without the glossy appearance, he can use penetrating sealers that help to restrict the pore openings.

The diamond-polished floors can come with other maintenance issues. While the concrete owner prefers these floors to have a high-gloss shine, fine grit and dirt can get abrasive if put under foot traffic, causing the surface gloss to be dull after some time.

Choose the Right Concrete Contractor

For the best results in your decorative concrete in San Leandro, you will need to work with the right concrete contractor. One of the names you should consider is SL Concrete. 

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