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If you are considering using brick pavers for your landscaping project, you will need to follow some basic tips. First, you will want to plan a good design early and create a ground outline before the start of the project. You will also need to buy the right pavers for your climate. Ensure that you have the right tools and materials to complete the project. Since a brick paving project can be involved, its best left to a bricklayer. 

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The bricklayer will plan a design to be used before the start of the project. They will also use a computer program or a graph paper to determine the type and amount of brick paving stones necessary for the project. The plans should also show the necessary base material needed to stabilize your project. The brick contractor will need to measure and mark the surface on the ground. This will show the necessary excavation for the preparation of the paving.

There are different grades of brick paving stones. You will want to ensure that you buy the right pavers so that you don’t encounter breaking and cracking issues. When trying to determine the needed amount of bricks, the masonry contractor should plan for a few extra ones to cater for cutting and future repair issues. You should ensure that you have an extra-base material that will enable you to compensate for any soft soil. 

The masonry contractor will need to excavate the area to the right depth before installing a gravel layer that goes down to 4 inches. This will be followed by a 2 inches layer of paving sand. The base material should be deep enough to ensure that the brick paving stones have a surface that is level with the ground. The concrete contractor should tamp the base material so that it doesn’t settle when there is rain. If the area is huge, it can be tamped using motorized tamping equipment. The top layer of sand should be smoothened using a builder’s level, and board after the tampering is completed. 

The paving surface should be slightly pitched so that there is enough water drainage. The aim of the pitch should be to direct water from nearby houses or buildings. The bricklayer should also install ending material around the bricks so that they can remain in place after the installation. The contractor should ensure that the edging has been installed deeply so that the base material remains in place. They should then fill joints between brick using mortar or polymeric sand.

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