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When it comes to stair designs in San Lorenzo at San Leandro Concrete Pros, homeowners today are considering more than just function. Stairs are now being used to showcase design taste in San Lorenzo. It is for these reasons that homeowners use these spaces in the home to wow their visitors. When selecting a stair design, you will come across a wide range of stairs such as open riser stairs, closed risers stairs, or a combination of the two.

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Let us look at the benefits of each of these styles.

Closed Riser Stairs

These stairs are the staple in many homes, especially in older homes with a more traditional look. The stairs are marked by a tread that closes the gap on every step. This means that you cannot see what is underneath or between steps.

This type of stairs is a good choice for many homes. It is suitable for homes with young kids. Since there are no gaps between the steps, it minimizes the risk of accidents. With a closed riser staircase, you can also use the underside to do various things such as laundry, study, storage, and other functions.

Open Risers

These stairs cases are popular in modern homes. They can be made to suit different stair styles. Whether you need the traditional staircase, the curved staircase, or the spiral staircase, you can always find an option. The staircases can also be made of different kinds of materials, such as steel, wood, or glass. Open risers are a great choice for homes that have open floors. They have gaps between step that allows light to come in and therefore, make space look larger.

Combination Stairs

Choosing between open risers stairways and closed risers staircases can, at times, be a tough decision. If you are finding it hard to make the right choice, you can choose a combination of the two. If the space in your home is a bit tricky, you can choose custom stairs. These stairs are also suitable for any home style, including modern and traditional styles.

For instance, if you need a tailor-made L-shaped staircase consisting of open and closed risers, you can begin with closed treads. After the landing, you can have open riders. This way, you can use the under space for storage.

No matter the choice of stairs you make, you should combine function with style in the design. The design should be cohesive with the look of your home. For the best results, contact the leading concrete and masonry contractor in San Lorenzo. This is none other than San Leandro Concrete Pros.

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