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Having a sloping property can really be a bit daunting. Soil materials, rocks, and soil slide down or get eroded by various elements. When left unchecked, your property can clog the drainage, landslides can also happen, and nearby structures can be affected as the soil gets loose or dislodged, underlying rocks weathered, or have completely shattered.   

If you have this kind of property, make sure how the slope and the structures nearby can be affected in the event of torrential rain, earthquakes, snow, and other natural disasters. Talk to someone who can help you allay such problems. 

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About Retaining Walls

A slanting piece of land can suffer from various issues like soil getting eroded easily, or surrounding buildings and structures suffer from cracks or have moved, etc. San Leandro Concrete and Masonry can provide you with a solution to this dilemma – a beautiful yet functional structure capable of holding back the soil, a retaining wall.

A retaining wall is a structure that prevents soil or rocks from sliding down or eroding away, usually in a steep or angled property. It is specifically designed and constructed to hold back the materials and prevent them from being dislodged and eroded, allaying any serious problems. We have a team of concrete experts and masons who are adept in numerous concrete projects like this. They have handled numerous concrete jobs, which include patios, concrete driveway, pool deck repair, concrete resurfacing, concrete finishing, and many more. To avail of free estimates or to know more of the services that we offer to the people of San Leandro, send us a message using our contact form. We will get back to you shortly.

Check Your Property

Make sure to thoroughly check your property, especially when you have a sloping piece of land. Basically, you will know the inclination of the land by just looking at it. The higher the angle, the more it is prone to landslides, cracks, and erosion, and all the more, you need our concrete engineer’s services to build a retaining wall on your property.

Basically, you won’t need a permit building a small retaining wall. However, you will have to check with your city council if you are going to have a much larger retaining wall. Our crew can provide you with the necessary help should you need to have a permit or license.

Our concrete experts can also show you the different types of retaining walls perfect for your property. These are not only very functional and durable, but they are also beautiful and can make your property look really amazing, especially when you are living in a hilly area. 

How SL Concrete and Masonry Can Help

From the initial assessment of your property to securing a permit for the construction of the wall, up to the actual installation of the retaining walls in San Leandro, our concrete experts and masons are ready to provide you with the help that you need. They are equipped with knowledge and are well trained in this business. Moreover, our crew can suggest what kind of retaining wall is ideal on your property, the kind of materials needed, and how long the construction will be. 

Basic Types of Retaining Walls

Over the years, SL Concrete and Masonry have constructed different types of retaining walls on different types of properties. Each property has its own unique characteristic and has its own needs. Our concrete experts have encountered various types from very steep and hilly landscape to slightly angled ground, all of which need a retaining wall. To give you an idea of what we are capable of building and installing, here are some of the types of retaining walls to help hold back the soil on your property.

Gravity Retaining Wall

This is by far the most basic and popular among residential and commercial properties. This wall utilizes its sheer weight and mass to hold back the soil. Usually, this type of retaining wall is made up of bricks, pavers, stones, and more. Depending on the wall’s height, this requires no additional reinforcement for shorter walls, but when building for a taller one, a trench may be needed for the wall to fit into.

Reinforced Retaining Wall or the Cantilevered Retaining Wall

Another type of wall used to hold the soil at bay. It is made from an internal stem, usually steel-reinforced shaped either as an L or as a T. This kind of wall requires less material as compared to your gravity retaining wall. It also needs rigid concrete footings underneath seasonal frost depth.

Sheet Piling Retaining Wall

One of the most basic types of wall. This is usually a thin wall made of steel, wood planks, or vinyl, directly driven to the ground. It usually uses a vertically corrugated structure, which gives additional support. Sheet piling retaining walls is suited for softer soil. Materials used for this kind of wall only have a third above the ground, while 2/3 of the materials is driven below ground. Taller walls may require anchor or other support planted on the ground behind the retaining wall’s face.

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Benefits of Retaining Walls

As the name suggests, it retains the soil or holds it back to avoid erosion or becoming eroded. It can also provide more support to an angled landscape, provide more aesthetic value to your property, and avert any structural damage to nearby structures and buildings affected when soil becomes loose and moved. A simple reason may also be to give you the chance to use stones, bricks, and other beautiful materials just lying around in your yard. Whatever your reasons may be, SL Concrete and Masonry are ready to give you the services that you need at a low cost.

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