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With years of experience in handling numerous concrete and masonry projects in San Leandro and nearby areas, San Leandro Concrete and Masonry answer all your concrete and masonry needs. We have installed and constructed thousands of concrete patios, designed beautiful brick patios, repaired lots of stone patios and walkways, all at reasonable prices.  We also do concrete resurfacing, concrete finishing, pool deck repair, stamped driveway, and more.

Our company takes pride in the dedication and professionalism of our concrete professionals and skilled masons. Our timeliness and high-quality customer service on every work and projects that we handle are something that we are extremely proud of. We make it a point that we develop a lasting working relationship with all our clients.

To know more about San Leandro Concrete and Masonry, talk to any of our concrete experts or concrete masons by calling (510) 851 – 8260 right now. You may also send us your comments and suggestions through our contact form. Fill it out, and we will get back to you shortly.

Patio Services in San Leandro

We at San Leandro Concrete and Masonry pride ourselves on the quality services that we provide to all our clients. We keep our efforts to develop further and improve the quality of our artistry and the projects we take on not only in San Leandro but in nearby areas. San Leandro Concrete and Masonry boasts of being one of the best and most trusted patios in San Leandro.

If you want to have that unique patio and patio cover, our concrete expert and patio installers can help you design and build the patio and cover. Our crews are adept in using different materials, from wood patio covers to vinyl patio cover to aluminum. Furthermore, we can also build custom patio covers, install prefabricated covers, do repairs, and construct new patios. Aside from construction and building patios, we also have our patio demolishing service, should you need to have your old patio removed for a new one.

If you want to keep your old patio but want it to look new again, we can help you with that by repairing it, removing old and worn materials, or by applying concrete resurfacing to make it look like new once more. We can also suggest newer upgrades to make your patio modern yet retaining its rustic and comfy feel.  Whatever you feel like you need for your patio or property, we are here to give you the solutions.

How much does it take to Install a Patio?

It will generally depend on the size and materials that you will use on your patio. However, the cost of putting up a new patio would range somewhere between the figure of $3,000 to $7,000. The average today though, is $4,930. On a per square foot basis, it can cost anywhere from $5 to $50, with most clients paying somewhere around $8 to $20 per square foot.

With that cost, you may be tempted to do it yourself to save money. We, however, strongly suggest leaving this work to the experts. San Leandro Concrete and Masonry has the backing of its highly trained concrete professionals who know exactly what to do, can determine potential issues, and provide you with doable estimates. Remember, installing a patio takes dedication, skills, and patience. We have lots of patios being repaired right now, thanks to many DIYs who thought it is easy to construct a patio.

To give you an idea of how a patio can cost, 100 square feet with a dimension of 10 x 10 can cost between $800 –  $2,500. It will depend on the type of materials you intend to use on your patio, the complexity of the design, and other things required before you can start with the project. We can always work around your budget to discuss this with our concrete professionals and patio expert. They will be more than happy to help you out with your patio project.  

Types of Patio

Our teams of concrete engineers and masons have already designed and installed thousands of patios across the city, giving them the experience, the skills, and technical know-how which other contractors lack. One of the many things that we have gained from this experience is the proper installation of the different patios types. Each type has a different design, materials, and surface. Among the most popular types includes Paver Patios, Brick Patios, Flagstone Patios, Gravel Patios, Slat Patios, and Concrete Patios. If you want to know what type of patio will fit your property, call (510) 851 – 8260 today and discuss your concerns with our concrete professionals and concrete masons.

As your most sought after the local concrete contractor, we ensure that all patios that we design, build, repair, or upgrade will last longer. We also make sure that all our projects are both aesthetically appealing and functional. 

Other Areas of Expertise

Aside from conceptualizing, designing, building, repairing, and demolishing different types of patios, San Leandro Concrete and Masonry are also able to provide all our clients with various concrete and masonry services. This includes pool deck repair, installing a concrete driveway, concrete resurfacing, concrete finishing, designing and construction of retaining walls, building and laying out of walkways, outdoor kitchen, etc. We are also experts in hardscaping and landscaping, perfect if you want the best backdraft to blend pretty well with your beautiful patio. 

All our concrete and masonry experts are ready to provide you with the quality service that you need. Satisfaction guaranteed. For a free estimate and suggestion, call us right now or fill out our contact form.

Why Hire us for your Patio Project?

Whether you need to have a new patio or simply having it repaired or upgraded, San Leandro Concrete and Masonry is your perfect choice. We have been around for years and have been providing the same quality service to all our clients. From concrete to any other materials that you can choose from for your patio, our designers and engineers can make it a reality for you. As your top and leading local concrete and masonry contractor, we know the business’s ins and outs in San Leandro. We can help you procure necessary city permits whenever deemed required and needed.

So for all your concrete and masonry needs, connect with us today, dial (510) 851 – 8260 right now. Our crews at San Leandro Concrete and Masonry are ready to help you. Patio installation or repairs? SL Concrete and Masonry is the solution to your problem. Please send us a message right now and get your free estimates and suggestions.