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Sealer application is a key step in concrete installation. This final layer offers protection to your concrete and prolongs its life. It also serves to preserve and enhance its looks.

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Other benefits of sealers for your concrete floors in Oakland include:

  • Enriches the concrete’s color intensity
  • Adds to the surface sheen that ranges from satin to the high gloss
  • Prevents the penetration of oil, grease, dirt, stains, and chemicals, ensuring that the concrete can be easily cleaned and maintained
  • Prevent the penetration of dust
  • Prevent chlorides and water intrusion, and therefore, reduces damage as a result of the freeze and thaw circle
  • Protection against wear and abrasion

To enjoy these benefits, you will need to choose the right sealer for your project. There are hundreds of sealers in the market that are meant to suit different kinds of applications. There is no single sealer that is perfect for all jobs. What is worse is that when you use the wrong sealer or apply it wrongly, it can destroy the flawless decorative concrete. Here are a few considerations when choosing a sealer.


Ask the manufacturer of the sealer to verify whether it is compactable with the decorative surface you will be applying. Some sealers can interact with some overlays or even the coloring agent, causing various side effects such as bubbling, blistering, or color bleeding. If you are applying a sealer to a topping or overlay, ask the manufacturer of the overlay to recommend the right sealer to use.

Local Conditions

What are the local conditions that you expect the sealer to be exposed to? To reduce your maintenance cost, choose a sealer that can protect your decorative concrete or overlay from different traffic conditions and weather elements. For instance, if you are searching for a sealer for a stamped concrete driveway, choose an option that repels grease and stains. It should also prevent the penetration of deicing chemicals and water.


A common reason for the use of acrylic sealers in the external application is due to their breathability. They repel water well, enabling the escaper of moisture water in the slab. The majority of penetrating sealers are breathable One of the options that offer great water repellence is epoxies.

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