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If you want your patio in Castro Valley to last longer, you will need regular patio maintenance. You should at least do preventative maintenance around once a year if you expected the best results. The harsh winters in Castro Valley can cause your patio to get damaged if you don’t refurbish them regularly. This can cause concrete cracks or even damage to plans. Here are the reasons why you need to regularly refurbish your patio.

Savings on Repair

With regular maintenance of your patio in Castro Valley, it’s possible to reduce the cost of repair. By doing regular repair, you can find problems before they occur. This means regular repair will not take a lot of time and will cost less. If you don’t want problems with your patio in the long-term, you should go ahead and do the regular repair. Doing so will not only leave your patio looking great, but it will reduce your repair costs.

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Opportunities to Upgrade Your Patio

Nowadays, there has been new advancement in the way patios are made. Water damage is one of the challenges that many patio owners have to contend with. A water-resistant film can now be painted over the patio. This can ensure that there is no water damage around the patio for the homeowner. A non-slip finish can also be put on top of the patio. During winter, you can easily slip on your patio. When you paint a nonslip finish, the chances of falling on the patio and getting injured will be reduced

Tips on Patio Maintenance

Here are ways that you can help your patio to maintain its shine.

  • Clean your patio with a good detergent to get rid of stubborn stains
  • A pressure washer nozzle can help remove moss and algae. However, you need to ensure that it doesn’t point on one spot for so long as this may result in damage.
  • Pressure washing can cause the surface to roughen and can cause the regrowth of moss and algae
  • If you get rid of sand between joints when doing power washing, use the right patio joint sealer or sand to replace it
  • Check if there are signs of large cracks forming in the patio paving, as these cause water to get into the concrete, causing it to erode.
  • After you have washed the patio, allow it to dry completely before sealing it to waterproof it

If the damage on your patio has already occurred, you will need to contact a concrete and masonry contractor in Castro Valley. One of the names we would recommend is San Leandro Concrete and Masonry.

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