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A concrete driveway that is designed and built by quality concrete contractors in Ashland can last a lifetime.

However, for it to do so, it has to be maintained properly. With poor maintenance, a concrete driveway will suffer from ugly marks, scaling, and discoloration. Some of the issues that cause distress in a concrete driveway include:

  • Wrongly compacted subgrade
  • Using an inadequate concrete mix
  • Bad procedure for placement
  • Getting exposed to harsh weather conditions

Instead of redoing the whole concrete, you can save money by repairing your driveway in Ashland as long as it is structurally sound. If you aren’t sure how structurally you sound concrete driveway is, you can contact a concrete contractor Ashland to assess its condition and recommend the necessary repairs.

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Reliable Concrete Contractor in Ashland

Before starting your concrete repair project, you will need to determine the cause of the damage. The repair method will depend on the condition of the concrete and your budget. Here are some methods to do a driveway repair.

Fill or Patch Small Cracks

If some holes or cracks have a width of ¼”, these can be patched as a temporary remedy. Patches and fillers have a different look than the surface where they are applied. If there are a huge number of areas that need fixing, this can result in an ugly blotchy look. Remember that patches aren’t a watertight solution and, therefore, will allow water to seep through. This can end up reopening the hole or crack.

Large Cracks

For holes or cracks that are bigger than ¼”, you may need to resurface your driveway. This makes it possible for you to add some decorative finishes like coloring or stamping. You will have a new looking driveway without having to redo the entire driveway

Concrete Engraving for Flaws or Cracks

If the concrete has minor discoloration or cracking, you can engrave a pattern to hide the flaws. Engraving involves staining the concrete before cutting the pattern using a special routing machine. Depending on your choice of patterns, the flaws can even enhance the appearance.

Recoloring to Refurbish the Look

Concrete driveway discoloration can happen due to various conditions such as wrong color application, exposure to sunshine, and absorption of oil stains and grease. You can revive the color of the concrete using a water-based stain or a new acid coat. You should use a UV-resistant staining product to protect the concrete with a good sealer, and you will have helped your colored concreter driveway to maintain its look for a long time.

Slabjacking Lift Sunken Concrete

If the slab of your driveway is already sinking in some spots, the problem could be soil erosion or poorly done subgrade. You can raise slabs to the original positions they were by pumping a mixture of cement, sand, fly ash, and additives below the slab. This process is referred to as slab jacking.

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